What to look for in a Canada pharmacy

What to look for in a Canada pharmacy

Article by Harry Willson

According to a recent price comparison, many online Canadian pharmacies sell prescription drugs at less than one-tenth the cost charged by US pharmacies. For example, the American Association of Retired Persons found that seniors who bought Celebrex (a popular medicine for arthritis) could save almost 0 or more in a year is they were to purchase the same from an online Canadian pharmacy. Additionally, it was found that many online Canadian pharmacies provide unbeatable service. With many customers slowly shifting to online pharmacies for their monthly supply of medicines, it is important for consumers to know what to look for in a Canadian pharmacy.

– Check whether the online Canadian pharmacy is a reputed one. Does the pharmacy hold a license? Legally, an online Canadian pharmacy must hold a license from the CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). The CIPA seal is a valuable asset because licensed pharmacies have to follow strict rules, failing which they may lose their license. Check out whether the medicines sold by the pharmacy are approved by a regulatory body like Health Canada.

– Does the online pharmacy bear the Pharmacy Checker seal? This is an independent body that verifies the legitimacy and the integrity of online pharmacies selling American, Canadian and International medicines. As a matter of fact, online pharmacies are not allowed to place their ads online unless the websites are approved by Pharmacy Checker. That said, some websites hijack the Pharmacy Checker logo on their websites. To make sure that the online Canadian pharmacy holds the required authentication, consumers may check out the Pharmacy Checker website.

– Finally, it is important to check out the website itself. What is the delivery policy of the website? Does it have all the required information, like the license number of the pharmacy and enough information about the licensing bodies that have approved of the online pharmacy? Does the website list the physical address of the pharmacy? Does the website provide sufficient information regarding the medicines, delivery policies and so on? It makes sense also to find out if the online Canadian pharmacy offers add-on services. For instance, many pharmacies make it easy for patients to buy a refill by sending patients timely reminders and making it easy to shop for refills. Similarly, in case a patient has misplaced their prescription, the drug store will call the doctor to verify the prescription and so on. Such customer friendly policies can make shopping for medicines online easy as well as convenient.

Patients must always ensure that they use the services of a reputed online Canadian pharmacy to buy prescription medicines. Buying medicines without prescription is illegal in many parts of the world. Such activities expose patients to unnecessary risks and must therefore be avoided.

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