A Treadmill a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

A Treadmill a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

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A Treadmill a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

It is no more ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ as apples are hybrid nowadays too! Now the latest trend is ‘A treadmill a day keeps the doctor away’. Today eight out of ten people of all ages hit the gym in the evening after office hours. In fact few multinational companies give their employees a gym facility inside the office. The ‘staying fit’ mania seems to make the people of all ages bubbling with energy.

Even young professionals working more than ten hours a day say that going to the gym keeps them fresher than relaxing on the couch after a hectic day. From my personal life experience I can say that I have played tennis for fourteen years and sweating it out on the court for an hour made me more energetic and I could concentrate more on my studies. Many people make it a regular point to indulge into some sports if they are not the gym crowd. There are some popular sports like squash, tennis and swimming.

There are some old people who regularly go for morning jogging at seventy and that is their key to good health. Another fitness mantra for the ones who don’t go for outdoor sports or gym is Yoga. Nowadays stores like Landmark and Crossword also have a huge collection of CDs that a person can use for personal training at home. As more and more people are becoming conscious about their health, staying fit is the talk of the town everywhere. My uncle, who is 59 and heading an advertising agency in Delhi, follows a strict fitness routine no matter how busy his schedule is. The first thing he does after returning from office in the evening is doing treadmill for an hour and then relaxes to have dinner. No exaggeration but he truly looks almost ten years younger than his age.

A fitness regimen blended with a balanced diet keeps many physical and mental complications at bay. From cardio exercises to the medicine ball, from the treadmill to the cycle, a well equipped gym is the fitness seeker’s paradise. All cities are now coming up with locality parks that have a walking track around the garden or ground, and they are all well lit and open till late. The world is becoming conscious at an alarming rate. Most of the wafer packets have ‘Trans Fat free’ and ‘No added MSG’ printed on them. A seven letter word seems to haunt people of all age groups around the world. Calorie! The saying goes correct that Health is wealth.

As the world turns more and more conscious, life turns healthier and healthier. Staying fit not only improves our physique but also reduces mental stress, enhances the body’s immunity and keeps the senses fresh. As athlete Jesse Owens said after a race, “A lifetime of training for just ten seconds.” It is correct to say that hard work pays off. When we fall we should smell the soil, get up & keep running. Each drop of sweat that runs down says we are getting more fit with every hour.

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